Volunteer opportunities

We love our city, and we love our community.
As we move into East Nashville and become friends with neighbors, we want to provide the opportunity for members (and visitors!) to get into their community and serve.
Keep checking back on this page for ways you can get involved.


We love the work Project Transformation is doing in Nashville and across the state.
You can find a site near you and volunteer to help kids read. Check out their Instagram and website for more info.

For 2018, my hope is that we continue to provide space for young people to show up just as they are and experience something much bigger than themselves: sacred community. Here, may children find a treasured sense of belonging; may young adults discover a new part of themselves, their passions and gifts; and may we all see God’s kingdom right in front of our eyes as neighbors build meaningful relationships with each other.
— Courtney Aldrich, Executive Director of project transformation nashville