Production volunteers help run the audiovisuals at our Sunday services and at our big events throughout the year. Training can be provided for Sound Engineering, Stage Crew, Service Coordinator and Projection Team.

Stage crew

We love a clean stage at Home Church. If you’re looking for somewhere to serve, winding cords, prepping the stage for worship and cleaning up the stage after service could be a great start.


The visual display of the projector is integral for our Sunday Service. If you are good with the basics of computers then this is an easy entry point onto the production team.

Sound Engineering

We are always looking for skilled audio technicians who have experience running live sound. Training is available for this position, but if you’ve never had experience with live sound the learning curve is quite steep.

Service Coordinator

We all need schedules (some of us more than others). If sticking to a schedule, and staying orderly is your thing you might enjoy coordinating Sunday Services, and other Home Church events.

Tyler Culligan